One thing led to another…….

I am currently sat writing my first post in far too long whilst watching the final stage of this years Tour De France. For various reasons I have not been able or I have not been bothered to write anything although I have still been training on the bike. It was certainly not my intention to stop writing this blog, I would have loved to have been at at great point by this stage. 

However one thing led to another as happens with most people’s intentions that saw me not make any additions. Well now I am back. After an amazing weeks training on the bike it has given me that push to get in gear to write this blog. 

Watch this space….. New post is coming soon! 

That Deceiving Sun

I woke up this morning to glorious sunshine, I could not wait for my ride to work this morning. Finally some nice riding weather was here……….until I stepped out outside.

The wind was a killer! I felt like I was cycling through custard this morning. Really hard work and not what I was expecting when I looked out the window.

To top it off the forecast is showing thunderstorms and hail for the journey home- great!

A Daily Grind

I am by no means fit at the moment, but since getting back into cycling I have started to see some improvements. However in order for me to really progress I realised I needed to be cycling at every possibility without over doing it. Whilst sitting in the car on my way to work a week ago, stuck in traffic I noticed so many people out on their bikes commuting to work.

I had tried this before but failed! The route is 17 miles long and the day I first decided to start cycling it was raining, cold and I wasn’t really sure what route to take. In the end I spent one miserable hour on the bike and still nowhere near the office, ashamedly I had to get my colleague to collect me and drive me the remaining distance. 2nd time lucky I thought to myself. So the next day I cycled into the office sticking to main roads, whereas last time I tried to take the Thames path and other cycle routes which didn’t work.

I loved it! The sun was shining, I wasn’t stuck in the car and traffic I was out getting some exercise on my way to work! With a few stops to find my way there with my phone I did the 17miles in an hour and a quarter. A time I knew I wanted to slash. The whole day in the office, all I could think about was the ride home.

As part of my training and fitness plan I am now commuting on the bike to work three days a week. A round trip of 34 miles each day, 112miles per week just from commuting. I hope this is a good way to increase my fitness and build a good base level bike fitness before being able to complete the route quicker and quicker.

The Beginning

Right now I am miles away from where I ultimately want and need to be. Originally I thought I would find this really daunting and stressful but actually it has turned out to be the opposite.

Whilst I am sat here writing this and thinking about the enormous journey ahead of me, I find I am actually really excited and driven. For those of you who have not yet seen my About Me Page I am a really keen cyclist and my ultimate dream is to complete in the prestigious Race Across America, around 3000miles of continous cycling from the West Coast of America to the East Coast.

But where to start? How do I get the best start on this long and challenging road? There are so many items and elements to consider and tweak the only way to do it is break it down into sections.

First step get out on the bike……