This blog is all about my mission to get fit and healthy to achieve a dream miles out of reach – completing the Race Across America!

My name is Ash, and I am writing this blog to map my journey from being unfit, to a much healthier life style and ultimately training towards this prestigious cycle race. This blog is for anyone interested in healthier eating, increasing endurance cycling fitness (enjoying it as I go) and to track my progress.

Like so many people I first got into cycling when I was much younger and I started racing around the coldesac at home on my green Raleigh! My Dad was always a keen cyclist, so often as a family we would go to the local railway path and cycle up and down on the weekends. The speed and freedom on the bike was addictive. I then spent time out on my bike with friends through my teenage years. From mountain biking, trials riding and bmxing, I tried them all. I always loved being out on a bike rather than sat at home playing on a playstation! I spent three years at University studying Outdoor Leadership so spent so much of my time in the hills partaking in many different sports. I spent a large amount of time mountain biking but to be completely honest I wasn’t very good. However I still gave it my best and really enjoyed being out on the bike once again and those amazing surroundings. After finishing University I joined the working world and alongside a move to London the bike became a dust collector in the garage.

So why the change of motivation? Why the want to get back on the bike? I, like so many others, was mesmerised by Team Sky, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome and their amazing ambitions and achievements in pro cycling. Watching various races and programmes on TV, it really sparked an interest in road cycling, a discipline I never thought I would start when I was Mountain biking. Well, eventually missed the bike and the draw of turning the cranks was too high. However I did not have a road bike and I could not afford to get a new one. Unfortunately my mountain bike was stolen from my garage and as a silver lining to this dark cloud, I took it as the perfect opportunity to buy a road bike with the insurance money!

After a few trips out on the bike in and around London I was hooked, the discipline and dedication involved with road cycling fascinated and surrounded me. After such a long time of not cycling I was determined to increase my fitness and be able to ride longer distances. I do not want to just ride the roads as a leisurely hobby. I want to push myself and really push my cycling performance. I watched a documentary on TV very recently about a group of people all with relatively low experience levels compete in the Race Across America. This gruelling event cycling from the West Coast of America to the East looked incredible. Despite the overwhelming magnitude of this event it really grabbed me and ultimately it has become my drive and also the reason for writing this blog.

In this blog I plan on documenting my progress right from the beginning. With a change of diet, increased training and a focus to this ultimate challenge I hope this blog is insightful, interesting and motivating.

If you want to get in contact with me at all, you can at ash.w.harris@gmail.com. I would really appreciate any feedback and hints and tips!

I hope you enjoy!



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